Tasty Cuisines

While I was writing a blog about foods, I happened to come across an article on The world’s 50 best foods. There was a variety of dishes that I have eaten, some that I would like to try, and some that I wondered why they were ranked. I thought about it too. My memory is hazy, and I tend to recall the recent dishes. It’s impossible to rank them accurately, so I’ll just list a few.

I love dumplings, so I was happy to have dim sum in Hong Kong and Guǎngzhōu. In relation to dumplings, mog mog I had in Nepal and varenyky (вареники) in Ukraine are similar to dumplings and I thought they were good. The tajine hot pot I had in Morocco was tasty. This dish really brings out the full flavour of the ingredients. The similar steamed dish I had in Singapore, hainanji-​fan, was also good and addictive. The braġoli I had in Malta and the meatballs in Norway were so good that I tried to make them myself. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I absolutely love schwäbischem kartoffelsalat and gulyás! I find it irresistible.

The curry I had in Cambridge was not a local dish, but I remember it strongly because I was happy to escape from British food. Eighteen years later, I had a duck dish in a pub in London which was very tasty and I was very surprised. Speaking of pub menus, sausage mash is also a great way to eat lots of your favourite potatoes. In a similar dish, the Rösti and sausages I ate at the Zurich station were tasty, with shredded potatoes that are crispy on the outside. Confit de canard I had in Paris was very good too. Speaking of Paris, the galette is also very good.

I thought I would just list a few dishes, but I have tried so many that it became difficult to stop writing. (The rest of the tasty dishes are only shown in pictures.)