Taiwan – HK


I wanted to use my air miles up, so that was my motivation for the trip. There was no direct flight to Taiwan for free, but I could find the ticket to Xiamen. So, I landed in China once and took a ferry to Kinmen Island. Even though the island is a stone’s throw from Xiamen, it is a Taiwanese territory. When I got off the ferry, I passed through the immigration. Then I moved to the airport and I flew to Taipei.

BTW, I soon went to the night market in Taipei. *28/12/16

The primary objective of travelling to Taiwan was buying traditional herbal medicine and eating soup dumplings. First, I visited Dihua Street to get herbal medicines. There were many sorts of medicine that were intended for the locals. Also, the architecture was quaint. Next, I found a local restaurant in Yongkang Street that serves tasty soup dumplings. I wanted to try this non-luxury dish.

BTW, I managed to visit Chiufen by bus 1062. *29/12/16

The night before that I left Chiufen before sunset to avoid standing in a long queue at the bus stop. Anyway, I went to Yongkang again to have soup dumplings at the same restaurant. In the afternoon, I took the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Gaoxiong. The train was made in Japan. The city is the second largest in Taiwan, and it is located in the south, so I felt there was a bit warmer than in Taipei.

BTW, I forgot to eat pork ribs rice on the train. *30/12/16

Hong Kong

Before heading to the airport, I visited Cijin Peninsula to see the sea. Then, I walked around Sanduo Shopping District. Anyway, my motivation went into a slump. So I went to the airport 3 hours before departure. Right when I felt bored, my flight was delayed for 2 hours. The moment I arrived in HK at 10pm, I went to the bay area.

BTW, a crowd of people blocked me to reach the front. I saw fireworks through the gap of the buildings. *31/12/16

I visited HK 20 years ago, so I tended to cast my mind to the last trip. The city had a vibrant feel to it as always. First, I took a ferry to Kowloon. And, I ate testy shrimp wonton noodles at Tsim Chai Kee Noodle. I found the restaurant by luck, but I heard that it was famous. Next, I visited the dim sum restaurant I’ve been to last time, and I noticed that the pushing cart system didn’t exist anymore.

BTW, there were far fewer neon signs than before. *1/1/17

Dim sum is about breakfast. I searched the cart style ones and I visited Lin Heung Kui early in the morning. Many locals were eating dim sum while reading the newspaper. I shared a table with locals and I chose some dishes from the cart. I was happy to eat them. Anyway, when I went to eat wonton at Mak Man Kee, I first entered a cafe next door by mistake. And I ordered a noodle, I was laughed at by the next lady.

BTW, I enjoyed betting on horseracing. *2/1/17


The afternoon before, I went to Lo Wu – Shenzhen and passed through the China border on foot. Then I headed to Guangzhou. I was there to get on the plane using a free ticket. Anyway, There’s a famous saying, “Gourmet begins at Guangzhou”. Probably, there were many special cuisines, but I had dim sum again at Xi Guan Ren Jia.

BTW, I felt very lucky that I could have tasty meals in each country despite free flight. *3/1/17