Finland – Baltic States – Paris


Everything was covered with snow. It wasn’t surprising, cuz I came to Scandinavia. Winter is the best in Helsinki. First, I went to buy a ferry ticket. I didn’t have an iPhone during my trip, so I needed to buy it at a local ticket office. Next, I took many photos while walking around the city. I have to say, snowscape is the most photogenic scene.

BTW, I knew days were very short. I was still surprised how late the sun rose and how early it went down. *29/12/12


I took a ferry at 7am. I went on deck to see the sky getting light. After sunrise, the ferry reached Tallinn. As I didn’t do my homework, I accidentally looked for the immigration office. I got confused about the Schengen agreement and the EU area. After all, passport control wasn’t there. Anyway, as I could get a bus ticket to Riga, I went sightseeing until the bus left.

BTW, Tallinn is a walled city and there is so much to see in this cosy city. Wish I had more time. *30/12/12


I didn’t realize when the bus had crossed the border, but I’d arrived in Riga the night before. I had beetroot soup for dinner. It was pretty cold outside, so I got all warmed up. I had such soup before, but I couldn’t tell the difference. Either way, I like local tasty soup. Anyway, after I wandered around the stunning town and saw beautiful houses, I went to Vilnius by bus. There, I had tasty cepelinai, vėdarai and barščiai.

BTW, I saw modest fireworks on NYE in Vilnius. *31/12/12


At the beginning of the New Year and early in the morning, there were few locals outside. The serenity was cosy and I went to small pretty churches. Also, the panorama from Gedimino pilis on a hill was so beautiful. After that, I headed to Warszawa by train. I made several transfers to get there. I met local children who played at Sestokai station when I changed trains.

BTW, I met a Polish young man. He was interested in my country’s culture and he kept talking for 4 hours. *1/1/13


Even though I travelled with a backpack, I stayed at a 5-star hotel Rialto in Warszawa. I could book it for only 60€. As the day was New Year’s day, I wondered if the price would be discounted on a Sunday night. As I may become unable to stay at a budget hotel hereafter, I should forget comfortable nights. Anyway, I didn’t need to travel anywhere until getting a night train to Köln, so it was a relaxing day, very chill though.

BTW, why didn’t I visit the Chopin museum? I carelessly … *2/1/13


I got up in the morning on the train and I was talking with a German gentleman until getting off at Köln. Then I went to buy a ticket to Paris, but the train was full. Everything should have gone well if I could have gotten a ticket. Tearfully I bought 1st class one. Anyway, I hated to admit but I felt relief for some reason when I was eating breakfast on the train for Paris.

BTW, I stayed in Montparnasse Area, so it was about time for going around Godard’s filming locations. *3/1/13

First, I went to Rue Campagne Premiere. The path was where Belmondo ran away at the climax of the film A Bout de Souffle. I didn’t lie on the road to act dead, though. Next, I had breakfast in Vavin. And, I went to Champs-Elysees. Seberg had sold newspapers there. Anyway, I went to various other places. I visited Auvers-sur-Oise, as I love Van Gogh. And, I went to Rouen. Besides, I saw Cathedrales de Rouen at Musée d’Orsay.

BTW, I ate galette at Creperie du Manoir Breton. *4-5/1/13

Kiitos, Paldies, Ačiū, Dziękuję, Merci