Morocco – Ceuta


The moment I got off the plane, I was enveloped in hot air. Just starting walking in Casablanca, touts asked me about a taxi and souvenirs. Although it was annoying me, I was getting thrilled to feel a local noisy atmosphere. Anyway, the fishing port was crowded as a ship was ready to sink.

BTW, Medina surrounded by walls was a mysterious zone. It has everything, so it seems another world exists in a big city. I remembered The End Of The World. *29/4/10

The train to Marakesh was a compartment car. While I was looking for an empty one, someone spoke to me. He said “Come on in”, so I took a seat there. He was a tourist from Jordan. Two local passengers came in later. They could talk in Arabian. The Jordanian was very talkative and was kind enough to speak in English so that I could join them.

BTW, the local man offered to share his Oranges and another sang local songs. What a special time! *30/4/10

The day before, when I looked around in Souk, I finally got lost due to a complex alley. I honestly thought I would never find my way out. Anyway, I went to Errachidia, just as I wanted to see a desert zone. It took 8 hours, though.

BTW, When my bus stopped in Tinghir, gypsy driver came into the bus and he said he could go to desert faster. And European travellers had gone out with him. After a while, I saw they got pulled over by police for speeding! *1/5/10

I waited for a night bus for Fès at a cafe like a sports bar. Local youths were so excited to watch footy match despite not having any alcohol. Finally, I arrived in Fès at 5am. I went to El Bali after sunrise to get a hotel. A notable one was full, so I looked for another. Then a local teen helped me, but he couldn’t find it. As I gave it up and was about to go to station, he broke out in anger and threw stones.

BTW, I shouldn’t have walked early morning. Duh! *2/5/10

Even though I planned to stay in Fès for 2 days, I decided to move to Meknès. And, I went to a station at 8:30. Next train would leave at 8:50, but the station attendant gave me a ticket for 9:50. I had no idea why she sold me a train ticket for the following train. Just as I looked at the station clock, the hands pointed to 9:30. Daylight saving started the day certainly. SO embarrassed, I asked her repeatedly.

BTW, the breeze in Meknès was very soothing. *3/5/10

Meknès was a compact and pleasant place. I wanted to stay for one more night. But I headed to Tanger. First I went to Sidi Casim. As there was nothing there, I waited the train to Tanger on a platform for 1.5 hours. The train was a compartment type and I was surrounded by five local people. They talked a lot and laughed a lot. No one interpreted for me, but just seeing their smile made me happy. Finally, I reached the Mediterranean Sea.

BTW, I told myself “Keep your focus till the end”. *4/5/10


First, I went to Ceuta, which is an enclave of Spain, by bus to cross the border and get on a ship. However, an immigration officer didn’t let me exit Morocco. They asked me what had I worked in Spain? I showed them my E-ticket, but he said No! No! Why don’t you use an aeroplane? After lengthy persuasion, I finally could get a stamp. BUT, when I was trying to get on a ship to Spain, an officer brought me to a separate room for interrogation.

BTW, I was just a traveller, though. Just great. *5/5/10


Continuing the day before’s topic. That was close. I got a ship ticket to Algeciras departing in one hour. However, I didn’t know there is one hour time difference in Ceuta. My ship almost left. Anyway, I had wanted to visit Gibraltar since I read Midnight Express. I went there from Algeciras by bus. I enjoyed climbing the rock and having fish and chips. Finally, I arrived in Granada to visit the Alhambra.

BTW, Fanta Lemon was super!! So boring mint tea.*6/5/10


I wasn’t surprised by the Alhambra. Although there was a lot of beautiful Islamic architecture, I had seen many such buildings in Morocco. I should have chosen another city to visit in that time. Anyway, I went to my final destination of Malaga by bus. I like Picasso so I enjoyed his Gallery.

BTW, at Granada bus station, I was happy to have coffee and chocolate croissant for breakfast. I felt at ease this European style. Where had I travelled? Haha! *7/5/10


I had three hours of layover time in Paris. I planned to go sightseeing. I estimated my travel time as follow: To Paris by RER = 30min, Walking time = 30min, Notre-Dame = 10min, To CDG = 30min and Spare time = 20min. Thus, I thought I’d be able to get back to CDG in two hours, but unexpected things occurred. I couldn’t use note at a ticket machine and couldn’t go through automatic ticket gates.

BTW, of course, my whirlwind trip was a success! *8/5/10

Shkran, Gracias, Merci