When I travelled to Budapest, Hungary, I had the famous cuisine gulyás, a beef and potato soup. I liked it so much that I could eat it every day.

Some time later, when I went to Vienna, I met gulyás again. I knew it, but it was a stew, not a soup. Still, the stew was really tasty too. The meat was so good it almost melted in my mouth. It had been a long time since I had eaten soup in Hungary, so I carelessly felt nostalgic about this stew type. As a side note, the photo in the thumbnail is the stew type I had in Vienna.

Well, I wrote down some information I scanned on the internet about gulyás. First, gulyás was born in Hungary and it is thought to have originated as a shepherd’s meal around the 9th century and spread throughout the region of the Kingdom of Hungary (today’s Germany, Austria, etc.). The English spelling is goulash, and the German is gulasch. Gulyás is made from beef, lard, onions and paprika. Paprika powder is the key ingredient. Also, the German and Austrian stew type seems to be known as perkelt in Hungary.

The authentic one was absolutely better than the one I cooked, and I would love to travel back to try it again.