Winter Is Over

I do not always have a twisted perspective, but I try to look at spring from a different angle this time. When I was a university student, I first read a novel written by Keishi Nagi and I was very moved to find the line “So I dislike spring”.

Most people probably would welcome the arrival of spring. They are filled with joy that the long winter is over. On the contrary, my heart wasn’t dancing so much, especially in my twenties. In spring, the cherry blossom is in full bloom all over my city and people passing by are looking at the flowers with wonderful smiles on their faces. However, for some reason, I just can not conform to that atmosphere. The flowers are also falling fast and I am sad to see them go. After the flowers fall, lush young leaves grow. The fresh vitality can be overwhelming. If I remember correctly, the author of the book said something similar.

Of course, in the back of my mind carefully, I also sympathise with those who, like me in the past, plod aimlessly under the cherry blossoms.