Sweat and chill

My groin pain is still not completely gone, but I ran a half marathon last month. It has been two years since I have taken pa...

You’ve Got Mail ~ 4

I finally reached the end of the film. It was a bit harder for me than I thought. There are a lot of unfamiliar words, and ...

You’ve Got Mail ~ 3

The pace of my studies has slowed down. This is when I have to hang in there. I didn't know that the vocabulary ...

You’ve Got Mail ~ 2

I continue to watch You've Got Mail to practise my listening skills, but there are so many words I don't know that ...

You’ve Got Mail ~ 1

I've been using the film "You've Got Mail" to practice my English listening skills. I like this film and visited the filming...

Chill Donald

It makes sense. I can't get enough of this sense of humour. Greta succeeded in getting revenge on Trump by recycling a terribl...

Bria to release new album

Bria Skonberg released a new album "Nothing Never Happens" on 1 November 2019. She is a trumpeter, as well as a singer, a...

Synthetic insulated jacket

I bought a winter jacket at MILLET for a trip for New Year's. This jacket is an insulated jacket, and it has recently indivi...


Smartphones are essential among people who have used it since they can remember. It might be a part of their body. On the ot...

Bad posture

The dog in the front cover picture in NY was sitting properly on a chair. Meanwhile when it comes to me, I was worried that m...


Camera! I absolutely love bringing my camera while travelling. I’m using a compact digital camera now. I don't really like to...

New York 4th

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