You’ve Got Mail ~ 2

Captured from You’ve Got Mail © 1998 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I continue to watch You’ve Got Mail to practise my listening skills, but there are so many words I don’t know that I may not be learning how to listen. Anyway, I don’t plan to write a synopsis or impressions, I’m just going to list the phrases I’ve looked up and keep going one after the other.

8. Worrying About the Store

  • They’re wondering where we’ve been all these years. #we should have opened the shop earlier
  • novelty *> the quality of being new, unusual, and interesting
  • It’ll all shake out. #to change over a period of time before a final result is known
  • brag > to speak too proudly about what you have done or what you own
  • I’m going to the nut shop,where it’s fun. #I’m going to refresh myself.
  • We‘re excited about your new book. #are looking forward to
  • No difference what so ever! #used after a negative phrase to add emphasis to the idea that is being expressed
  • outrage *> a feeling of great anger and shock

9. Kathleen and Joe Argue

  • emissary *> someone who is sent with an official message or to do official work
  • garnish > to decorate food with a small amount of different food
  • inconsequential > not important
  • flatter *> to praise someone in order to make them feel attractive or important, sometimes in a way that is not sincere
  • fascinate *> to interest someone a lot
  • relevant *> connected with what is happening or being discussed

10. Writing About Getting Provoked

  • down-to-earth > practical and direct in a sensible honest way
  • obscure *> not clear and difficult to understand or see
  • abstruse > unnecessarily complicated and difficult to understand
  • arrogance > when someone behaves in a rude way because they think they are very important
  • spite > to intentionally annoy, upset, or hurt someone
  • condescension = look down on others
  • provoke *> to cause a reaction, especially a negative one
  • get tongue-tied > unable to talk in a relaxed way because you feel nervous or embarrassed
  • belittle > to make someone or something seem small or unimportant
  • bottom-dweller #is the worst kind of person
  • zinger > a clever humorous remark that might also be insulting
  • remorse = regret
  • inevitably *> in a way that cannot be avoided

13. Go to the mattresses

  • l wish I had a river I could skate away on.
  • And tell me that everything going badly in my life will sort itself out. #It resolves itself naturally.
  • If only you could help. #used to express a wish for something that is impossible or unlikely to happen
  • losing your nerve = get scared, get cold feet
  • Do you think it would be a gigantic conflict of interest if you wrote something about us? #I’m not in the right frame of mind
  • gigantic *> very big

14. Save The Shop Around The Corner

  • pull up = stop the car
  • evil *> very bad and cruel
  • face off > to fight, argue, or compete with someone, or to get into a position in which you are ready to do this
  • over the top > too extreme and not suitable, or demanding too much attention or effort, especially in an uncontrolled way
  • verge *> the edge, border, or limit of something
  • pill > an annoying person
  • bastard > an unpleasant person
  • mingle *> to mix or combine, or be mixed or combined
  • eloquent *> expressingideasclearly and in a way that influencespeople
  • inevitable *> certain to happen and impossible to avoid