Sweat and chill

My groin pain is still not completely gone, but I ran a half marathon last month. It has been two years since I have taken part in an official race.

Anyway, it’s becoming more like autumn every day. This makes the choice of running clothes a little more difficult. If I wear thicker clothes than necessary, my clothes get soaked by sweat and my body gradually gets cold during the long run. I really dislike this cooling process.

To solve this problem, I bought two pieces of running clothes. First of all, I bought the special underwear shown in the photo. This garment is made of a reticulated fabric that does not absorb moisture easily. If you look at the inserted picture on the right, you will see that it is reticulated. This mesh layer transfers the sweat directly to the upper layer of clothing and, as the fabric has less surface area in contact with the skin, I feel less cold. Although “MILLET Drynamic™ Mesh” is a most famous product, I selected three times cheaper generic ones for saving money to buy another item.

Following the base layer, I bought a windproof jacket as my outermost garment. I already have two windproof jackets, but the good breathable one lets the wind in and makes me feel cold, the thicker one is warm, but it is stuffy and does not protect against sweating. It is good for neither this nor that. After careful consideration, I did not scrimp this time and bought a high-performance jacket “Patagonia Houdini“. (See thumbnail photo. It is a nice blue jacket.)

This jacket is characterised by its excellent windproof properties. It is also very light (100g) due to the thin 15 denier nylon fabric and can be folded into a palm-size as it is a pocketable jacket. If I get too hot, I can take it off and store it in the running belt like a bum bag. Finally, I was able to counteract the chill caused by sweating as I had hoped, so I was more than happy to run. The wind jacket is pretty amazing and I’d love to take it with me on trips as well as for running.