Travel Essentials

I have previously posted about my camera and I will list some other items that are indispensable for travel.

First, a camera film was a necessity. I used to use a film camera until 2012 and I always took films as it was not always easy to get them cheap at the local place. Second, a memo book is important. When I am travelling in a place where English is not spoken, (exp: in China), I would write my destination and other information in a notebook and show it to locals for communicating. Third, I carried around a compass. When I got lost, it would have been helpful if I had known the rough direction to my destination. Of course, if it’s sunny, the sun helps.

When I travelled by train in Europe, I always carried the continental timetable ‘Thomas Cook’. Unfortunately, that is also a story of the past. I started using my smartphone for travel in 2018 with a local SIM card, which ended up enabling me to book trains as well as timetables. Getting lost and accidentally stumbling upon unexpected discoveries is one of the best parts of travelling. However, I always know where I am with the help of GPS. There is even voice translation, great. Well, it is up to me to choose.

Oh, I forgot. I know it has become commonplace now, but since my trip in 1998, I have been carrying a debit card that enables me to withdraw local currency at ATMs around the world.