Camera! I absolutely love bringing my camera while travelling. I’m using a compact digital camera now. I don’t really like to use a smartphone to take photos, but that doesn’t mean I like a single-lens reflex camera. Even though I understand that recent smartphone cameras are quite good, but they look amateurish. On the contrary, if I had an expensive reflex camera, I would present an easy target for thieves. Also, I don’t like the click sounds.

When I first started travelling, I used the Olympus mju with films. It was light and easy to grasp. I took many photos by it such as those in United States and United Kingdom. After a while, I replaced the Olympus mju II. I wasn’t picky about the performance, I just liked a simple and solid one.

After 2000s, a digital camera became mainstream, but I continued using a film camera. The film photograph was a heart-warming picture. I couldn’t let go of a compact camera with a viewfinder. However, it became difficult to get a film on site, I finally gave up using a film camera. So far, I had taken photos by films in Balkans2, but I started using a digital camera after the trip to Finland, Baltics and Paris. Recently, I replaced a Ricoh cx5 with Olympus xz10. I used to have a prejudice against it, but once I got used to it I realized it was actually pretty useful for uploading photos on my web site.

BTW, a digital camera makes it possible to take numerous pictures, so it’s easy to take excellent shots. On the other hand, I might have not made each encounter precious. I should keep my mind as open as when I took photos by a film camera. Incidentally, I take selfies a lot by setting my camera with a timer, on a right height pedestal such as a rubbish bin or a wall. I’ve been doing it ever since I started travelling, so I’m possibly a pioneer of selfie.