Hybrid Bike

It has been a while since I last bought a bike. If I would like to wander around my place or to take exercise alone, I only need to run there. That was why I had not owned a bike since I made my cross country journey.

When I made the trip around 20 years ago, mountain bikes (MTB) were the mainstream. After a while, more stylish hybrid bikes emerged, and I wondered about buying a bike but I ended up not doing it.

The names and definitions of hybrid bikes are vague, and they are called different names in bike manufacturers such as ‘City & Hybrid’ and ‘Cross-Urban’. The hybrid bikes have the best of both worlds from MTB and road styles. The bikes are resistant to bumps in the road and are also very fast. I used to travel by MTB, so delicate bikes with too narrow tyres were out of the question.

There are a lot of hybrid bikes available from different manufacturers, so it was difficult to choose the right one, but I chose the German brand Centurion. The top priority was to have a brand that was not so commonplace in my city. I wanted a bike that was rare and original. I have seen a lot of Giant, GIOS, Trek and Bianchi in the city, but never a Centurion.

I was satisfied with my bike for buying the most reasonably priced entry-level bike. The rigidity of the frame makes it easy to get a good initial speed and the bike is very comfortable to ride.