Bad Posture

The dog in the front cover picture in NY was sitting properly on a chair. Meanwhile when it comes to me, I was worried that my right leg might twist while I am running. I finally had intermittent pain on my right leg and right hip. My orthopaedic doctor diagnosed me with possibly getting a piriformis syndrome or the signs of a disc herniation. He advised me to stretch my bottom more.

I was wondering what was wrong with my right side and I wanted to know the fundamental problem of it, so I went to a chiropractic care centre. According to the results of the checkup, my right shoulder is actually lifted a little bit compared to the right one. As I lean on the right leg while I’m running and thus put more weight on it, the right side muscles became stronger. Besides that, the right leg muscles were stiff and lost flexibility. It may be that my posture became bad gradually due to the long desk work. It was affected by my habits such as putting my elbow on the desk and crossing my legs.

Anyway, I always have to mind my posture consciously and I should spare my right leg from now on to keep a good body balance.