New York – San Francisco

I went on a business trip to the US. First, I joined the corporate conference in Miami, then after that, I needed to go to the holding company with head office in San Francisco.

Fortunately, I got a chance to go to NY before SF. I enjoyed looking around filming locations such as the Queensboro bridge – Léon: The Professional, Cafe Lalo – You’ve Got Mail and the Central Park – When Harry Met Sally.

And then, I went to the jazz club at the Birdland. The real jazz was special. Furthermore, I had such a good time watching the musical Les Misérables, so I got some really great seats by buying a last-minute ticket. The seat was only $30, even though it was the middle of the second row. After I went to SF, I finally bought the soundtracks of Les Misérables. Thank you for the really great two days! *27/4-8/5/15