Taste Triggers

The blog listing the dishes led me to discover some slightly disappointing news about a curry restaurant “India House” in Cambridge. The restaurant was apparently closed in 2016 when the kitchen caught fire. When I studied English in Cambridge, I got tired of British food and went out to eat Indian food a couple of times with my classmate to revive my energy. The buildings were made of columbage and resembled houses like those in Alsace. The appearance of the building seemed to fit in with the town. I don’t know how it was finally rebuilt, but it has turned into another restaurant, which is kind of a shame even though I’ve only eaten there a few times.

Incidentally, I took a walk around Cambridge using Google Street View and realised that I used to walk a long way from my dormitory.
It made me nostalgic for the days when I was more physically fit in my twenties, but it also made me realise that with age come more memories.

The memory of food triggered me to look back.

¶“A Cambridge Indian restaurant which has been shut since a fire broke out in 2016 could be completely revamped, but the potential designs have made some residents furious. […] ¶There are, however, concerns about the new plans, with some local groups saying they do not fit in with the historical nature of the surroundings. […] Full text is here. Referenced from Cambridge News, 22 January, 2019