Benelux – Alsace


It was my first time to travel after I began my career. I stayed in Amsterdam. First, I went to Hoorn by train from Amsterdam. The city covered with snow was so beautiful. I screamed, “It was the beginning of the journey” in my head. When it comes to Nederland, I can imagine windmills, so I visited Alkmaar. Next, I went to Naarden to see a star fort. Finally, I went back to my hotel in Ams.

BTW, I hadn’t seen Amsterdam yet, though. *30/12/05

At last, I started to go around Amsterdam. I walked along the canal and visited the Anne Frank Huis and Van Gogh Museum. I loved the museum so much, as everything was Gogh! Finally, my brother came to my hotel in the evening two days later. Anyway, I couldn’t stay in my hotel 3 night in a row, so I moved to a cheap inn on the third day.

BTW, the cheap room unluckily smelled like Marijuana. I thought I was gonna die. *31/12/05 – 01/01/06

Although I needed to get validation for my Benelux train pass, I was struggling with it due to the crowded station. Anyway, I left Amsterdam, which was noisy and dirty due to the New Year fest., and I headed to Den Haag. Luckily, I could book my hotel at the tourist info straight away. Then I visited Het Maurishuis to see Rembrandt’s and Vermeer’s paintings, but the museum was closed due to New Year’s holiday.

BTW, I went to all the way there. It was over. *2/1/06


I visited Antwerp to see Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal. I found out later that I had already entered in België. Anyway, Antwerp station was great. It was worth seeing as well as the cathedral. Next, I dropped by at Bruxelles to see Grand-Place and the Manneken-Pis. Then, I reached Gent, but I had a hard time to find a hotel like the previous trip in Bologna.

BTW, Sint-Baafskathedraal was already closed while I was looking for a hotel. I failed to see Het Lam Gods. *3/1/06

Luxembourg & France

The day was a train day. First, I went to Luxembourg via Bruxelles and changed trains to Metz. At last, I reached Strasbourg. As I could find nice hotel soon, I went to Cathédrale Notre-Dame. The gothic building was great, as always! Then, I watched a football match of Racing Club de Strasbourg vs Lyon. Lyon was too strong, though.

BTW, I had a doner kebab at my hotel after the game. It was said the kebab sandwiches came from Berlin. *4/1/06

When I was about to go to Colmar by train at Strasbourg station, I got held up with police officers. They said, “Show me a passport” by taking an overbearing approach. As my train almost left, I said, “Hurry up”. Then they gave me a nasty look. My plan nearly went wrong. Anyway, I visited Kintzheim and Kaysersberg. There were idyllic, so I had a relaxing time.

BTW, if I missed a train, my plan would fail. Why was I the targeted one? Please give me a break. *5/1/06


Before heading to Heidelberg, I visited Strasbourg again. The station was rebuilt for TGV. Travellers would be able to take a one day trip from Paris. I had mixed feelings about that. Anyway, I crossed Le Rhin to enter Germany, but I got in trouble because my train had an accident. Although I couldn’t get the announcement in German, an elderly lady called English speaking people to translate it.

BTW, I stayed at Ibis as a chain hotel effortlessly. *6/1/06

Dank u, Merci, Danke