Synthetic Insulated Jacket

I bought a winter jacket at MILLET for a trip for New Year’s. This jacket is an insulated jacket, and it has recently been individualized from down jackets. Down jackets have been filled with duck’s breast feathers, while insulation jackets are filled with synthetic fibres. My jacket was made of an innovative PowerFill™, which was developed by Polartec®. PowerFill™ is one of the synthetic fibre materials, and others such as Primaloft® and 3M™ Thinsulate™ which are also examples of the same kind of materials.

At first, I thought insulated jackets were a budget version of down jackets, because they were cheaper than down jackets. I did not want to buy the insulated jacket only because it was cheaper; I was also interested in the quality. When I researched on synthetic fibres, there were many advantages as follows: It has the function of moisture-wicking and it is breathable, and it has a strong resistance to water. Although heat retaining functions are inferior to that of down jackets, it has excellent durability.

Anyway, I finally got this jacket, which was the last year’s model at an outlet store at a discount of 50%. I cannot wait for the full-fledged winter.