Vinyasa Yoga

I’m crazy about yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for the past five years. Although my first motivation was regaining flexibility for a marathon, but now yoga to me is a deep form of practice and there are many layers I’ve never enjoyed and achieved. Before starting yoga, I had done bouldering for five years and I hit a plateau on an advanced level. However, everything in yoga is fresh and exciting even now.

I always take a Vinyasa Yoga lesson once a week. I may get off the track, I use a book of 12 coupons instead of a monthly unlimited plan, because I shouldn’t overdo exercising. Anyway, Vinyasa Yoga developed as a derivative of the more methodical Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa combined ancient Indian philosophy and wisdom of our forefathers in Hatha yoga such as breathing techniques. Vinyasa Yoga focuses on dynamic flow, so I think a yogi is required to have the power of breathing, sustained concentration and endurance. BTW, I’m not flexible as always, so my heel doesn’t touch the floor in downward-facing dog and I’m not good at twisting poses such as utthita parsvakonasana. Recently, I pay attention not to pose with brute force. As I don’t want to get obsessed with one thing, I think I have to know when to give up.

Actually, Shiva Rea, expert of Vinyasa yoga teacher, said that “We can feel whether we are in sync or we’re out of sync. This attention is really the underlying basis of meditation, in all its forms.” But in my present position, this simple syncopation is more difficult than getting flexibility.

I’ve visited India in 2013 and 2016, but I hope that I visit India again to learn authentic yoga in India someday.