It really turned into a terrible event. In recent years, a large amount of seaweed has washed up on the sandy beaches of Cancun. I went to Cancun in 2016 and I was moved to the beautiful white sand and emerald waters. The sand on Cancun’s beaches is almost entirely made up of crushed coral and these were smooth and comfortable to walk on. Now plagued by the nuisance of seaweed, the beaches give off a foul smell and are extremely difficult to clean, much to the consternation of the locals. In the sea, marine life including corals and other species, has suffered damage.

This is thought to be probably caused by massive amounts of nutrient-rich chemicals flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from the Amazon River. This is a typical environmental problem where the source and the affected area are far apart. Benefits upstream are causing damage downstream.

The giant seaweed blob that has been piling up on beaches on the Florida coast ? posing risks to sea life, human respiratory health and tourism ? could carry an added threat: illness-inducing bacteria. Sargassum, a specific variety of seaweed, has long formed large blooms in the Atlantic Ocean, and scientists have been tracking massive accumulations since 2011. […] Full text is here. Referenced from CNN News, 9 June, 2023