Kukur Tihar

Kukur Tihar is a festival celebrating dogs in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dog worship in Nepal originates from Hindu mythology. Dogs seem to be valued as messengers of the gods. As mentioned in the article on the trip to Nepal in 2013, I had a good impression of the relationship between the local people and their dogs. When I am travelling, I tend to pay more attention to the dogs. I really like the environment that I often see in Europe, where dogs and humans also enjoy restaurants and trains together. It seems to be based on the German idea by Albert Knapp that ‘animals should not be the property of humans, and that animals feel pain just like humans’.

[…] The next day, Kukur Tihar, focuses on dogs that act as spirit guides in the afterlife. With their status, owners pamper their dogs to secure a spot after death. […] Owners also apply a string of marigolds around their neck and provide a meal of lamb and rice. […] Full text is here. Referenced from The Sheridan Press, 22 October, 2022