African migrant to Italy and France

I passed through the border between Ventimiglia and Menton in 1999. I didn’t expect it to be in the news. The problem was nobody’s fault. I feel sorry for the people who had nowhere to go and had to flee their homeland.

¶The Italian and French governments were both trying to defuse an escalating diplomatic row Monday after France refused entry to a train carrying North African migrants from Italy. ¶Italy complained to France on Sunday after authorities blocked a train with Tunisian migrants from the border city of Ventimiglia entering Menton on the Cote d’Azur. The Tunisians had been issued resident permits by Italy, allowing them to travel freely in many European countries. ¶French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said Monday in Bucharest that France did not want any continuing tensions with Rome regarding the train incident. ¶Gueant said Rome’s decision to give temporary resident permits to more than 25,000 Tunisian migrants arriving in Italy since January had been “heavily contested by many countries in the European Union.” […] .

Full text is here. Referenced from CNN News, 18 April, 2011