Complex Hagia Sophia

Unfortunately, the Turkish president Erdogan announced that he wants to turn Hagia Sophia into an Islamic mosque again.

This cathedral was built by Constantinus I in 360. It served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral, and it was heavily remodelled to Ottoman mosque by Muslims in 1453, as I mentioned in Timeline. Currently, it is not considered a religious facility and instead is a museum.

Turkey is a fascinating country to travel to, with many layers of culture, but the situation of the nation seems very complicated. Turkey is struggling to find a balance between Russia and the EU while excluding the Kurds. In addition, Turkey has to commit itself to the problems of Syria and the Uyghurs.

I hope that the historic value of the architecture will not be altered or damaged.

The Greek government voiced opposition Monday to the suggestion from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia ? a Byzantine-era cathedral that now serves as a museum? could be reconverted into a mosque. […] ¶In a television interview Sunday ahead of Turkey’s March 31 local elections, Erdogan indicated that it was possible to “change its name from museum to Hagia Sophia Mosque.” […] Full text is here. Referenced from AP News, 26 March, 2019