Belarusian Protests

In Belarus, where I just travelled in 2019, demonstrations protesting against the re-election of President Lukashenko have grown in intensity. As I am just a traveller, I was not aware of the problems that the locals were having and I didn’t expect such a change in the atmosphere of the quiet city of Minsk.

Belarus is a country on the border between the EU and Russia and was originally part of the Soviet Union, so it has always been pro-Russian, but the situation seems to be changing.

Dictatorship and illegal elections are a problem. Still, I hope that no blood will be spilt at any cost.

[…]¶Opposition protesters remain defiant in Belarus despite police brutality, 100 days after they first took to the streets to denounce the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. […] Full text is here. Referenced from BBC News, 17 November, 2020