Croatia – Slovenia


Surprisingly, the city was a winter wonderland. I realized I was in Europe. My country’s footballer played in Zagreb in 1999, triggered me to know the city. As only a few people were seen on the street early morning on Sunday, I was surrounded with silence. Then I found Mass at Zagrebačka katedrala and shared a handshake with locals. Anyway, there was no immigration check at the Slovenian border.

BTW, I booked all hotels on the int. after all. *30/12/07


I enjoyed the Xmas illumination and the night parade in Ljubljana. There were several architectural style buildings. The accordance was a unique feature. As there was no stiffness, it made me feel relaxed. Also, the view from the castle and Postojnska Jama were good. Next, I went to Salzburg beyond the Alps. I was bummed that it got dark.

BTW, I should had waited for the NYE firework in Salzburg to begin, but I couldn’t stand the cold outside. *31/12/07


The snowed Alps surrounded me. Especially, the scene from the top of the castle was great. It was worth coming to that city in the winter. Obviously, my favourite Donau flowed through the city. I saw it since I visited Beograd. Fortunately, I saw New Year Mass at Kapuzinerkloster and Dom. The hymn had an impressive tone quality.

BTW, I recommend the Monchsberg’s path. I walked the path while treading on snow, and I felt refreshed. *1/1/08


I headed to Regensburg by local train. I got on a train at Landshut after waiting for 40 minutes. The train was running at a leisurely pace. Now then, Regensburg was a cosy and beautiful city. The St. Peter’s Dom was a gothic architecture and the spire was magnificent. The clock tower of Altes Rathaus was charming. Time passed slowly.

BTW, I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I could travel without any tension after entering Germany. *2/1/08

I dropped by at Nuremberg. The city was surrounded by a castle wall. On a different subject, Verkehrsmuseum was excellent. The museum displayed many historic trains. Every exhibition was cool. After that, I went to Munchen by German ICE. Anyway, compared to former placed where I visited this time, Munchen was very lively. I spent two days while eating tasty sausages such as weisswurst and drinking beer.

BTW, I’ll stop travelling while studying in MBA. *3-4/1/08

Hvala, Danke