Cycling Through Japan

When I was in college, I heard about my friend’s experience when he went around Japan by bicycle. It seemed exciting and so I decided I would do the same too.

First, I walked from Nagasaki to Kagoshima on foot during the final holiday before I graduated from university. I wanted to do it a different way from most people, so I chose walking. Anyway for my next trip, during the end of my graduate school studies, I passed through the famous fifty-three stations along the Tokaido route from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka with my brother, but this time by bicycle.

After I began my career, any opportunity I had during the holidays, I went back again and again to complete my goal of travelling the full length of Japan. Each time, I carried my bicycle on the train and reassembled it when I reached my starting destination. Finally, I finished my goal at Cape Soya.