Think Over

This may be out of the blue; it is said that more and more films, TV dramas and animations are explaining too much these days. It is sad to say, but probably the production teams are afraid that viewers will say that they did not really understand what the film was about in the end.

Some of my blog posts have unclear reasons or motives. The reason for this is that I would like my readers to feel free to read them, even more than I feel a little embarrassed to note all my thoughts.

Have you ever been reading texts and a line triggered you to stop reading halfway through and go back to your memory and make you feel pensive? If this has occurred, feel free to be distracted. You may also have read it carefully and not been able to understand the cause or situation. In such cases, what is not said is left to the imagination and you can make up the rest for yourself. However, if what you imagined differs from what the writer meant to say, it’s fine. Reading articles with a lot of detailed explanations can feel cramped.

You may have been unsure of the author’s intentions in some novels and films. In such cases, I don’t think it’s necessary to make an effort to understand them correctly. In the first place, there is no such thing as a correct point of view. As for my favourite Godard films, viewers will have different impressions and emotions. Someone said that if you find his films interesting even if you fall asleep halfway through, you are a Godard connoisseur. Don’t you think it is important not to think outside the box? It is a blessing to be able to read a text while wondering about the unclear and unrefined parts.