Renewable Energy in Balkans

Many Balkan countries have started to shift from coal to renewable energy. My friend shared the article by Balkan Green Energy News on LinkedIn. Moreover, I came across similar news about renewable energy on DM News.

When I travelled to North Macedonia and Serbia in 2007 and to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herz in 2011, I didn’t check renewable facilities there and I did not remember a trend of introduction of renewable energy at the time.

Anyway, I hope the use of renewable energy will expand more and more around the world. If the world got into electricity shortages, we would have to go to bed earlier. You know, Arianna Huffington said, “Get more sleep”, right?

¶North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and partly Serbia, among other Energy Community Contracting Parties, are about to make some major changes in the renewable energy sector. The regulatory framework is being changed, and tendering for solar and wind power is to be introduced. Full text is here. Referenced from Balkan Green Energy News, 15 March, 2019

¶Countries in the Western Balkans are funding old coal power plants with millions of euros as locals protest against hydroelectric power plants. Nevertheless, environmental activists see signs of hope on the horizon. […] ¶Despite all the problems, however, there have been positive developments, Kalaba noted. In North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia, wind farms have been built in recent years that are up to code and are actually sustainable. […] Full text is here. Referenced from Deutsche Welle News, 16 April, 2019