APEC in Vladivostok

I travelled to Vladivostok in 2010. The APEC was coming up in two years, the construction of the bridge and some buildings were going in high pitch.

The formal name of APEC is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. I just thought a Russia is a European country, but it is the affiliate member. I hope the resolutions will be realized.

¶Asia-Pacific nations including China, the United States and Japan promised measures to boost growth on Sunday and rejected limits on food exports to try to revive the flagging global economy. ¶Countries on the Pacific Rim ended a two-day summit on an island off the Russian port city of Vladivostok by expressing concern about the state of the world economy, global food security and growing signs of protectionism. ¶The 21 members of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group agreed to slash import duties on “green technology”, take steps to bolster growth and liberalise trade to counter problems heightened by Europe’s debt crisis. ¶“The financial markets remain fragile, while high public deficits and debts in some advanced economies are creating strong headwinds to economic recovery globally. The events in Europe are adversely affecting growth in the region,” they said. ¶“In such circumstances, we are resolved to work collectively to support growth and foster financial stability, and restore confidence.”  […] .

Full text is here. Referenced from REUTERS, 9 September, 2012